Special glass

Special glass

Special glass

Special glass

Special glass refers to various glass products with unique properties, such as decoration, privacy, fire resistance, security, etc. These products are essential in many applications. KXG is a leading special glass manufacturer in China, offering a variety of special glass products, such as frosted glass, printing glass, wired mesh glass, pattern glass, mirror glass, hot bending glass, PDLC glass, and more custom glass.


Special glass has decoration, privacy, fire resistance, security, and other characteristics.



Doors, windows, partitions, bathrooms, walls, furniture, balustrade, public building, etc.

Special glass is a versatile building material that is available in various types and designs to meet different design needs. Frosted glass is a popular choice for privacy and decorative purposes. The custom frosted sheet glass is perfect for frosted tempered glass windows, providing various levels of opacity and durability. 


Mirror glass is another special glass type, one way mirror glass and colored mirror glass are both available in a professional colored mirror glass factory for different production requirements. And hot bending glass is a specialized type of glass that is heated and bent into curved shapes for use in unique designs. PDLC glass, on the other hand, is a smart glass type that can switch between opaque and transparent states.


Float glass is perfectly flat and uniform in thickness, without the need for polishing or grinding. It is generally considered float laminated glass to be of higher quality and more consistent in terms of its optical and mechanical properties, which is typically more affordable than other types of glass.


Also, silkscreen printing glass, digital printing glass, and other China printing glass options are widespread for their ability to add customized designs and graphics onto glass surfaces. Of course, with unique textures and designs, the wire mesh glass and pattern glass are also great for decorating. The square pattern glass is a particular pattern glass design that features a grid of small squares to add antique and elegance.


Custom glass options like custom stained glass are also available for those looking to add a personalized touch to their glass design projects. With the help of special glass manufacturers, designers, architects, and homeowners can find the right special glass for their unique design needs!

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