Suriname Project

This project is located in Suriname, South America and is a two-story commercial building. This building provides convenience for commercial development, with shops concentrated in one place, making it convenient for people to purchase and promoting economic development.

KXG is very proud to be involved in this project and supply the glass, which is an honor for our team.


What did we supply?

The frosted glass and clear laminated glass we provided for this project were mainly used for the doors, windows, stair guardrails and facades of the project.

frosted glass interior door supplier

What are the benefits?

Frosted glass is used as the office door of the building, which has privacy properties. Transparent laminated glass is used for the exterior facade. The laminated glass has high safety performance, and the products are displayed inside with a dazzling array, which can arouse customers' desire to buy and make the shopping center more visible. Becoming wider, the stair guardrail uses transparent tempered glass, which is simple, elegant and protective.

frosted glass door factory supplier

Benchmark testimonial

The project leader said, "It's a pleasure to collaborate with KXG on this project. It's a very fulfilling project design, and the glass quality provided is very good. The finished product after installation is simple, elegant, and practical. We look forward to collaborating with KXG on more projects."

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