Panama City Redential Building

Panama City Redential Building is located in Panama and is a residential apartment building. It is a classic residential apartment building. After long-term discussions between designers and engineers from both parties, the glass details of the building have been finalized. The glass window is selected as low e insulated glass, and the low e glass film is coated with silver layer, which can reflect more than 98% of far-infrared heat radiation, regulate the direct solar radiation entering the room, achieve the effect of warm winter and cool summer, energy conservation and environmental protection, For residents, it is an ideal residential area.

KXG factory is honored to participate in this project and provide building glass for this project.

What did we supply?

We provide low e insulating glass and clear laminated glass for this project, mainly used for the exterior facade, doors and windows, and balcony guardrails.

Panama City Redential Building curtain wall factory wholesale

What are the benefits?

The use of low e insulating glass has excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation performance. Low e insulating glass used for residential doors and windows can reflect over 98% of far-infrared thermal radiation, regulate the direct solar radiation entering the room, and achieve the effect of warm winter and cool summer.


As we all know, the bearing force of insulating glass is light, sound insulation and heat insulation performance is good, many buildings use this type of glass is both safe and environmentally friendly.


The customer said, "It's a great pleasure to collaborate with KXG on this project, demonstrating KXG excellent service capabilities and rich professional knowledge, which has won our trust." The glass products provided are of guaranteed quality, and the packaging is also very safety. We are very cautious about every piece of glass - we look forward to working with KXG on more projects.

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