Melbourne Evermore

The project is located in Australia, Melbourne Evermore is an apartment building, completed (2020), is a typical structure, the building Evermore embodies the concept of hotel-style living, integrating the considerations and comfort of home, providing living People in this apartment building create a pleasant and comfortable living environment and experience.

KXG Factory is very honored to participate in this project and provide balustrade glass for this project.

What did we supply?

What we provide for this project is tinted silkscreen printing tempered glass and laminated glass, which are mainly used for the guardrails of this project.

crystal gray silkscreen printed tempered laminated glass

What are the benefits?

The apartments at Evermore are designed around sophisticated design concepts. There are two apartments, one building is light color, and the other building is dark color.


The glass guardrails provided by KXG for this apartment are available in dark and light colors. The glass balustrades we offer for apartments in light tones are crystal gray silkscreen printed tempered laminated glass. The apartment’s dark-toned glass balustrades are made from gray-bronze silkscreen-printed tempered laminated glass.

gray bronze silkscreen printed tempered laminated glass

Benchmark testimonial

Customer: "KXG has won our trust based on excellent service and professional knowledge. It has shown us excellent service capabilities and rich professional knowledge, and won our trust. The quality of the glass products provided is guaranteed, and the packaging It’s also very stable and great care is taken with every piece of glass – We look forward to working with KXG on more projects. "

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