Luxury bahia principe ambar blue Dominica

Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Blue Resort Building is a five-star resort hotel located in Dominica. It is a classic hotel. The building is located in a seaside project. The use of architectural glass in the hotel project has a wide view and can better improve the quality of the hotel. , to enhance the good living experience for tourists on vacation.

KXG factory is very honored to participate in this project and provide glass for this resort hotel.

What did we supply?

What we provide for this project is blue-tinted coated insulating glass and clear laminated glass, which are mainly used for the exterior walls and balcony guardrails of this project.


What are the benefits?

We have used blue-tinted coated insulating glass, which is a color that echoes the sea. The resort is located by the sea, and the blue glass serves as the exterior wall of the hotel, complementing it. Blue-coated insulating glass can reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays by the sea, achieving the required reflection color and shading coefficient. Heat-reflective coated insulating glass is used for external walls, reducing the penetration of thermal radiation and saving energy.


As is well known, insulated glass has a light load and good sound insulation performance. Many buildings use this type of glass as both safe and environmentally friendly.


Benchmark testimonial

The project leader said, "It's a pleasure to collaborate with KXG on this project. KXG has provided us with a glass configuration plan that is very suitable for this project and provides a matching glass configuration according to the climate and geographical location of the region. The quality of the glass products provided is guaranteed, and the packaging is also very fine. We will do a good job in the moisture-proof and mold-proof treatment of the glass, and every piece of glass is very meticulous. We look forward to collaborating with KXG on more projects.

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