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Kuwaiti diplomatic embassy project

We were involved throughout the construction of the Kuwaiti diplomatic embassy, and the construction of the Kuwaiti diplomatic embassy was a great project.

It is made of laminated glass with silk-screened art, with point curtain walls and skylights made of glass ribs.

The glass of Kuwaiti diplomatic embassy is mainly produced by KXG factory. We are honored to provide the highest quality glass products for this project.

What did we supply?
What we provided for this project was custom silk-screened patterned laminated glass and clear laminated glass, which was mainly used for skylight and curtain wall of this project.

What are the benefits?
The glass laminated by the silkscreen printing process is strong and durable, which not only achieves the decorated effect, but also improves the safety. It can be used on high-rise building and skylight, and the project adopts a point-type curtain wall building, which is a high-end atmosphere.

Benchmark testimonial
The customer said, "KXG's high-quality products have won our trust, given guidance on glass installation, and provided useful suggestions for the purchase of accessories, we are grateful for KXG's assistance in the completion of our project- we look forward to working with KXG on many projects."