Djibouti International Exhibition Center project from KXG

The opening of Djibouti International Exhibition Center is highly recognized and supported by the Djibouti government, which is conducive to the realization of Djibouti National Vision 2035, the development of Sino-Djibouti cooperation in the field of cultural and educational exchanges, and the promotion of Sino-Djibouti friendship and cooperation to a new level.

Our factory is very honored to be able to participate in this project, to provide glass for this project, from design proofing to production and installation.

What did we supply?
What we provided for this project was custom digital printed insulating glass, which was mainly used for the facade of this project.

What are the benefits?
It adopts insulating glass suitable for this climate and has good heat insulation performance. The digital printing pattern is very distinctive, and the overall visual effect after installing the glass is good, enhancing people's visual experience. Heat insulation without affecting the aesthetics, both practical and beautiful, fitting the project.
Insulated glass features are known to be light weight, good sound insulation and heat insulation. Therefore, many buildings use this type of glass, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

Client testimonial
The customer said, "KXG has gained our trust with excellent service and industry expertise. Professional Glass Products is fast, precise and takes great care with every piece of glass - we look forward to working with KXG on many projects."

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